Our Rooms

Sidcup Day Nursery


Tiny Explorers Room

3 months-18 months

Our baby room cares for 9 babies and offers a calming homely environment, supporting your babies first steps into Nursery and helping your baby to settle into a routine that supports them to grow and flourish. Our daily routine includes…


Little Discoverers Room

18 months - 2 years and 1 term

Our Little Discoverers room cares for 9 children and is our next step from our baby room. Little Discoverers room focus on the developmental changes in babies between the age of 18 months and two years and supports the children…


Big Adventurers Room

2 - 3 years and a term

Our 2-3 year old room cares for 20 children and offers a homely, exciting and enriched environment where children can develop their self-confidence and seek out their experiences. The children have access to their own free-flow garden area throughout the…


Investigators Room

3 - 4 years

Our Investigators room cares for 16 children and offers a homely, exciting, enriched environment where children can develop their independence and have that extra challenge before they transition into our Pre-school. Children are supported to become independent but at the…


Pre-school Room

4 - 5 years

Our Pre-school cares for 25 children and offers a homely, exciting, challenging environment across two rooms, where we support children to be confident, outgoing individuals and encourage all children to value each other and their ideas and feelings.  We encourage…


Soft Play Room

Bring your child to our soft play room today and they'll never want to leave! We've created a bright and cosy spot for your little one to role-play, tumble, relax with friends or enjoy some quality time. The soft play…