Soft Play Room

Nursery in Sidcup

Bring your child to our soft play room today and they’ll never want to leave!

We’ve created a bright and cosy spot for your little one to role-play, tumble, relax with friends or enjoy some quality time.

The soft play room at our day nursery in Sidcup is a fun environment for children to explore and use their imagination. It’s a colourful roome full of shapes, patterns, and textures that keep kids entertained long after they’ve grown tired of the toy shelves.


There is no doubt—some children just need extra sensory stimulation to get into a good mood so they are in the right frame of mind to focus. With our soft play room, you can make sure that your toddler’s needs are met by engaging in tactile, auditory and visual stimulation.

We offer both a stimulating and nurturing environment for your children.
We specialise in individual attention, creative learning and strong relationships with our families.


Absolutely, our soft playroom serves as a safe space where children are free from worry or concern while also being able to play in an environment that fosters learning.
The soft play area is designed with little ones in mind and offers plenty of space for them to be active.
The soft playroom at our nursery is a wonderland for children to explore and learn. It’s full of shapes, patterns, textures that keep kids entertained long after they've grown tired of the toy shelves.

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