Our Story


To ensure that every child in our care has a nurturing , resourceful environment to be able to achieve their greatest potential emotionally, physically and mentally.

To develop and foster each child’s individuality, laying the core foundations of learning; building their confidence and self-belief; preparing children for their educational journey and transition into school.


The values that underpin Premier Lodge Day Nursery


We are committed to employing highly knowledgeable, qualified, motivated individuals that are keen learners

Kindness and respect

Kindness and respect are shown by the team to every child, parent and professional . We value similarities and differences and foster this ethos within our work with the children so that they too show kindness and respect to others.


We are committed to each other, each child and their family regardless of disability, background and foster each child’s cultural capital and promote equal opportunities for all, sharing our vision.

We are one, a team

We work together with each other, professionals and parents/ carers to realise and support each child’s potential. We encourage the children to share and work together.


We are always thinking and exploring new ideas and initiatives with each group of children. We follow the children’s interests to extend their understanding and learning and add fun to their educational and emotional journey with us.

Premier-lodge-day-nursery Room-Facilities


Library, Soft Play and Sensory area

A dedicated team of highly qualified practitioners

A 5 minute walk from Sidcup British Rail Station

Each age group has their own fully resourced base room

Daily feedback and parental communication via our online app

Full time qualified chef providing nutritious and healthy meals

What our families say


So far 2 of my children have attended Premier Lodge and my 3rd is set to go soon. All started from 1 year old and my two sons love it. The staff are friendly and caring - they provide an atmosphere that children feel safe and happy in. The setting is creative with activities - my children have cooked, danced, been on trips, sung, been in plays, coloured, drawn, read, role played, painted, tried new foods, made so many crafts and the list goes on. All staff are very approachable and take the time to get to know the children. We get regular updates in the forms of pictures, descriptions and formal observations all easily accessed by the app, which is used effectively by the nursery. I would have no trouble recommending this nursery to others. My kids love it!


My eldest has attended Premier Lodge since January 2020 and my youngest for 2 months. The staff is always friendly and helpful, they let us know what happens in the nursery through the Famly app. Kids are always happy when I pick them up. My eldest loves his meals and he always describes them as “ yummy food”. Also, I am thankful to the staff that has made a big difference in my child’s speech, making him more confident, and developing their brain with the activities done in the nursery. A big thanks to all the staff that are doing their best to make sure our kids are happy and safe.

Melisa S

My little one has been at Premier Lodge for 3 months now, and it’s only been positive! He’s in full-time, which was a huge worry considering he’d obviously not had any time apart from us due to lockdowns, but the team were brilliant for settling him in; they were really positive and great at communication.
The app the nursery uses is just great for keeping you informed, and all the staff including management are just so helpful and approachable. What drew us to it was the feeling of it being a smaller, family feeling nursery, and it’s really continued to be that.


My little boy has now been with the nursery for 2.5 years. He has come on so much in confidence. Staff are really helpful and very friendly. Office is always available and will do anything they can to help. During lockdown, my little boy found it difficult settling back in and being around groups of people again. However, the nursery helped him settle back in and he now loves nursery more than ever. During lockdown 3, we stayed home as this was easier for us, however, he has now returned as he kept asking to see friends and aunties. They always do a wide variety of tasks and activities all of which my little boy says he enjoys. I love getting the daily updates through the app and find them really helpful. Overall I couldn't imagine him being at another nursery or loving it as much as he does at Premier Lodge.

Danielle M

My daughter has been here since she was 10 months old and has moved up 4 rooms. In each and every one of the rooms, the staff have been so kind, caring and warm and my daughter has flourished here. The pictures we get sent and their learning journals are something I look forward to each day.


A fun-filled caring nursery to whom have & are catering for my two children beautifully (aged 4 & 1).
It's always tricky deciding where to place your child(ren) & this was especially so for me as my eldest child has additional needs & an EHCP. It has never phased the staff and they couldn't do more in terms of progressing my daughter like they have.

Lots of fun activities, great themed days, well equipped toy store, sensory room, arts & crafts galore, nursery mobile app & lovely home cooking to name a few out of the many benefits.


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